Work-in-progress of a hand carved vase

Work-in-progress of a hand carved vase

My first taste of clay

There's a sound that's made when water is introduced to bone dry clay - somewhere between a sizzle and a hiss. It's almost as if the clay is rejoicing that it's finally met it's mate. “Yessss.” The first time I touched clay, I'm sure my soul made that same sound.

Back in college, I was studying to become a graphic designer and I had my first taste of clay. It was magical! The way it felt, how it took shape in my hands, even the smell was intoxicating. I took every class I could until I graduated. And then, for the next 15 years, I put clay away to focus on my advertising career.

In 2010, I was feeling completely burned out so I took a 2 month sabbatical and enrolled in a local pottery class. Once again, my soul sizzled. “Yessss.” I decided when the class ended that I would "retire"; I quit my job and turned my garage into a fully functioning studio. For several years, I continued to take classes and experiment with different techniques to learn what I enjoyed making the most.

And so I discovered that I love to carve; it brings me great peace of mind! My work is inspired by the tranquility of the Oregon coast as well as the cheerfulness of my garden. I hope it brings peace and joy into your life as well!